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Hi everyone! I'm Lisa, 19 from Detroit. =) I found this community… - Pretty Smart [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 20th, 2005|07:54 pm]
Hi everyone! I'm Lisa, 19 from Detroit. =) I found this community through a link that was posted on the handbag_fetish community.

1. A recommendation for the best product ever
MAc eyeshadows, pigments, and paints. They are so pigmented and sooo sooo pretty! I like to use the paints as a base on my lids and then add shadow or pigment on top of it, it really makes the colors pop.

2. Your most terrible middle school makeup look
Oh man.. dark dark dark lipstick and Wet 'n Wild powder. I used to think that I was so cool carrying my purse full of cheap makeup around to all of my classes. Hahah!!

3. Make any suggestions for additions to the interests list. (I just listed brands I like.)
Giovanni shampoos and conditioners! I especially like the Tea Tree Triple Threat shampoo and conditioner. They are all organic (no sulfates) and soo soo tingly! Love it!

[User Picture]From: jane_says_dance
2005-05-21 02:12 am (UTC)
glad you found us!!

I did the same thing in middle school. I was a Cover Girl, all right. Yeah, and Maybelline liquid eyeliner out the bum. Glad i got over the black stage!
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