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Hey. I'm new. :) [May. 20th, 2006|02:05 am]


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Age 23, love makeup and theater makeup/Hollywood celebrity design. By instinct and personality, I'm a bit of the natural/neutral/"no makeup" look type for myself, but that doesn't diminish my love for theory, discussion, PRODUCTS, and self-experientation when my shyness allows that kind of daring. :) I like good-looking subtle makeup, and fall-toned warm colors. They look best on me. I rarely wear base or foundation, for whatever that's worth. Just haven't ever started using a brand, and never did the cheap ones when I was younger (I have sensitive skin and I'm pretty sure I would've seen some pretty horrendous results, if not a full-out allergic reaction).

1. A recommendation for the best product ever

Burt's Bees anything, but I use the lipsticks and love them. I don't use any of their eye color or face color except lips, because they don't come in anything nearing green or brown or neutral, which is weird and frankly annoying...

For eyes and other stuff, Honeybee Gardens. I also just bought a Clear Complexions pure "holistic mascara."

For me, the makeup HAS to be natural, pure of anything mysteriously chemical, and organic is a big plus but most of mine isn't (yet). All these brands mentioned are excellent in this regard. You can get normal, regular, wonderful makeup that's made with good- and often more allergen free and gentle (thought I won't guarantee to your individual skin)- simple, no-nonsense ingrediets. So different from Wal-Marts Wet'n'Wild or even Cover Girl, which yes, I started with. Nothing like that Walmart makeup aisle- the only access poor middle and highschooler I had to cosmetics or products. :)

2. Your most terrible middle school makeup look

Likely the "coffee" colored blush I doubt I needed, applied to what I considered must be the cheekbone, and intended to make me feel way sauve at Youth Orchestra around the conservative homeschoolers with long hair of which I was NOT (I was, however, homeschooled and even had long hair I was proud of until the day I dramtically chopped it all off for a new look; which is what caused the intense social problem. Ah yes.) Or it could've been the cement-thick hairspray to hold every hair in splace for my long braid (another thing I perceived the "homschoolers" did not clue into- really I was not much different from them in some nice human ways, but different I had to be). The heavy black mascara my mother hated (unfairly I still think- what's wrong with a little makeup? She wore it). Or the very first experiments with all that I had on hand (age 11): "kids" makeup kits of pastel turquaise, blue, "peach," and vaugely-orange when I needed warm, rich and deep colors. WOW.

'Nuff down that memory lane. O_O

3. Make any suggestions for additions to the interests list. (I just listed brands I like.)

Burts Bees and Aubrey Organics: forgot to mention Aubrey the first time around, but they make an excellent organic shampoo and full hair-care line I use, and their products are truly good while being simple in chemical makeup. They have winter moisterizing lotions, too, and a sunscreen. REALLY Good stuff. Add this! :)

Peace out, all~