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Pretty Smart

Shallow stuff for smarties

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This community was created out of my personal need for a forum to occasionally talk about makeup, skin products, clothes, & other girly things in an intelligent fashion.

Please DO:
--post with questions about products
--post recommendations for products or stores
--post information about products or promotions
--respect other users
--feel free to occasionally post pictures of yourself (but don't be a total narcissist about it)

Please DON'T:
--post daily pictures of the minute fluctuations in your eyeshadow routine
--post pictures of your makeup drawer or compartmentalized organizational makeup containment thing
--ask us if we think you're pretty (If you need to be told how pretty you are, call your mom.)
--be insipid

I realize these may seem rather arbitrary, but I just need to talk about moisturizer sometimes, but not with a bunch of shallow twits.

If you want to join the community, please give us an introductory post including:
1. A recommendation for the best product ever
2. Your most terrible middle school makeup look
3. Make any suggestions for additions to the interests list. (I just listed brands I like.)