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(no subject) [Dec. 31st, 2006|09:20 pm]

I have to say I was apprehensive to try clinique anything, but now that I tried the clinique foundation brush I was given, I guess Clinique doesnt like, totally suck.

Is anyone else like this? I used to think that owning stuff clinique was "fancy" but now I can't stand the thought of buying anything "less" than La Mer or YSL.

On that note, has anyone else tried Chanel's new mascara, Intimide? I got a sample of it last time I went to Neiman Marcus. I like it a LOT..... but i STILL have to comb my eye lashes after i apply it. What about the DiorShow cleansing Gelee? I like it sort of, im not sure if its just the first cleaner to NOT dehydrate my skin or if it leaves residue on my face. (residue...Icky!) However, I HAVE to give the Diorshow Exfoliant my seal of approval.

Best wished fulfilling cosmetic dreams in the coming new year
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(no subject) [Dec. 31st, 2006|12:52 pm]

seems a little dead around here, but i love the concept ;)

i'm hayley!

1. A recommendation for the best product ever I have really fine hair (but LOTS of it) and no matter what i do it is always really dry. however, i have discovered aveda's light elements smoothing fluid. it makes my hair shiny and soft, but never greasy or weighed down.
2. Your most terrible middle school makeup look i've done it all from "there's no such thing as too much makeup" to "there's no such thing as makeup," so trust me: don't even ask.
3. Make any suggestions for additions to the interests list.Too Faced is so girly and clever, and their stuff really rules. i'm in high school and our colors are teal, black, and silver. for games and other vapid things that require spirit, their teal metallic eyeliner is over-the-top without being tacky. hard to believe, but trust me.
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another hair plea [Aug. 25th, 2006|01:11 pm]

i have stringy hair. it is much softer & shinier & healthier than the brittle straw it was last year (after a decade of harsh hair dyes), but it has always been stringy, even back in the dark ages before i decided to correct mother nature's mistake in my hair's color.

is this something i will just always have (or miss if i should ever have thinning hair)? am i doomed to a lifetime of limp locks? must i carry a boar bristle brush in my hand at all times? are my only alternatives painful processes involving heat & heavy styling products (both of which my hair will reject & will just be limp & stringy & possibly stiff or sticky after taking a lot of time & effort to get it that way)?

should i just suck it up & be grateful for the strides i've made in getting my hair to at least be somewhat soft & lustrous, stringy hair?
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Hey. I'm new. :) [May. 20th, 2006|02:05 am]

[Current Location |Northeast, Indiana, USA]
[mood |goodgood]
[music |JEM]

Age 23, love makeup and theater makeup/Hollywood celebrity design. By instinct and personality, I'm a bit of the natural/neutral/"no makeup" look type for myself, but that doesn't diminish my love for theory, discussion, PRODUCTS, and self-experientation when my shyness allows that kind of daring. :) I like good-looking subtle makeup, and fall-toned warm colors. They look best on me. I rarely wear base or foundation, for whatever that's worth. Just haven't ever started using a brand, and never did the cheap ones when I was younger (I have sensitive skin and I'm pretty sure I would've seen some pretty horrendous results, if not a full-out allergic reaction).

1. A recommendation for the best product ever

Burt's Bees anything, but I use the lipsticks and love them. I don't use any of their eye color or face color except lips, because they don't come in anything nearing green or brown or neutral, which is weird and frankly annoying...

For eyes and other stuff, Honeybee Gardens. I also just bought a Clear Complexions pure "holistic mascara."

For me, the makeup HAS to be natural, pure of anything mysteriously chemical, and organic is a big plus but most of mine isn't (yet). All these brands mentioned are excellent in this regard. You can get normal, regular, wonderful makeup that's made with good- and often more allergen free and gentle (thought I won't guarantee to your individual skin)- simple, no-nonsense ingrediets. So different from Wal-Marts Wet'n'Wild or even Cover Girl, which yes, I started with. Nothing like that Walmart makeup aisle- the only access poor middle and highschooler I had to cosmetics or products. :)

2. Your most terrible middle school makeup look

Likely the "coffee" colored blush I doubt I needed, applied to what I considered must be the cheekbone, and intended to make me feel way sauve at Youth Orchestra around the conservative homeschoolers with long hair of which I was NOT (I was, however, homeschooled and even had long hair I was proud of until the day I dramtically chopped it all off for a new look; which is what caused the intense social problem. Ah yes.) Or it could've been the cement-thick hairspray to hold every hair in splace for my long braid (another thing I perceived the "homschoolers" did not clue into- really I was not much different from them in some nice human ways, but different I had to be). The heavy black mascara my mother hated (unfairly I still think- what's wrong with a little makeup? She wore it). Or the very first experiments with all that I had on hand (age 11): "kids" makeup kits of pastel turquaise, blue, "peach," and vaugely-orange when I needed warm, rich and deep colors. WOW.

'Nuff down that memory lane. O_O

3. Make any suggestions for additions to the interests list. (I just listed brands I like.)

Burts Bees and Aubrey Organics: forgot to mention Aubrey the first time around, but they make an excellent organic shampoo and full hair-care line I use, and their products are truly good while being simple in chemical makeup. They have winter moisterizing lotions, too, and a sunscreen. REALLY Good stuff. Add this! :)

Peace out, all~
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introduction [Nov. 9th, 2005|10:16 am]


Wait a minute. You mean there exists a beauty-oriented community where I don't have to deal with fourteen-year-olds with usernames like cutiesugarhunnyjoeysgurl_xx_14 lol, kthx?


Hi, I'm Laurel. I'm 28 and a card-carrying corporate goth in San Francisco. :)

1. A recommendation for the best product ever

Christian Dior DiorShow mascara. Yes. I used to justify this expense by saying, "Well, I don't buy designer coffee!" But now I buy designer coffee, so I justify this expense by saying, "Well, I don't buy cigarettes!"

2. Your most terrible middle school makeup look

Oh dear. Spikey clear mascara on my lashes (which I now use on my brows, and that's good), oil slick quantities of Bonne Bell Lipsmackers... I guess these aren't bad things. Other girls were turning their hair orange with Sun-In at the time. The cakey Shine Free foundation was a low point. Now I use very expensive cleanser so I don't, strictly speaking, have to put anything on my skin.

3. Make any suggestions for additions to the interests list

"Anything but beige" is pretty wonderful, and I don't know that I can outdo that at 10:15 in the morning when I'm supposed to be working. Hm. How about, chandelier glass nail files? I really dig mine.

So, how good are the Clinique Butter Shine lipsticks? Because I can barely resist running right out and buying Perfect Plum.
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(no subject) [Sep. 11th, 2005|11:49 am]
hey guys i have a question
my skin texture seems really really dull to me its wierd i put foundation on but it never stays on! an hour or 2 later my foundation is gone and my skin looks dull dry and oily and when i put powder on it only looks worse its quite embaressing u hate looking at my face in the mirror
and also i have a burn scar on my face from a wax burn whats a good way to get rid of it
please help me!
thanks so much

whats a good way to make your foundation stay put
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BOOTS! [Aug. 30th, 2005|06:35 pm]

I just want to laud this stuff... I like it better than Origins, which is kind of shocking, & it's relatively inexpensive for decent toiletries. This month at Target if you spend $20 you get a bag of No. 7 stuff--cleanser, toner, day lotion, day cream, & night cream. These are all quite nice except the moisturizers have no sunscreen. Here are some of the other things I have tried:

Super cleanser for combination skin
Nice moisturizer that does have SPF
The only foot cream that works on my leather feet
Good remover for waterproof mascara
Body butter that makes me want to lick my arm (I also got some other stuff that goes with this as part of a birthday gift that makes me so soft & cake-y smelling.)

Two other great products I have discovered/been advised of lately are Neutrogena Peel & Nivea Creme.
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Intro [Jun. 14th, 2005|10:29 am]

Hi. I'm Debbie, a 37 year old mother of 2 (soon to be 3). I've enjoyed using cosmetics since I was young and now don't have occassion or opportunity much to wear them. My tastes run toward the practical and classic and I'm feeling very silly posting this about myself.

1. A recommendation for the best product ever

Maybelline Eyebrow/Liner Pencil - the red one. never failed me

2. Your most terrible middle school makeup look

Using lipliner to color my brows

3. Make any suggestions for additions to the interests list. (I just listed brands I like.)

Henna, bubble bath, sugar scrubs, lip stain
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Summer Products [May. 25th, 2005|01:18 pm]

In winter I am always Little Ms. Dry. Basically I can't moisturize enough. In summer things get a little more complicated. I live in Texas so it is hot, & sweating occurs. I feel greasy, but then if I use stuff for greasy people, my skin starts to hurt & flake. Anyway here are some lighter (yet still moisturizing) products I have recently discovered, + a couple of other random things:

I. Whole Foods Shampoo-- this costs TWO DOLLARS & smells amazing & when combined with the conditioner on the ends of my hair keeps my scalp clean but my hair frizz-less. Thanks to trixieskips for discovering this.

II. St. Ives Fresh H20 Lotion-- I have to apply body lotion all over my body after showering, so I go through a lot of lotion & tend to favor drugstore varieties. This smells really, really clean & doesn't compete with perfume or whatever, isn't greasy, & also comes in a non-pump bottle (which I adore, because I never can get out the lotion at the bottom of the pump bottles).

III. L'oreal Cashmere Perfect Foundation-- this is creamy, comes in a tube (a prerequisite for foundation, methinks), provides pretty decent coverage, & is matte without looking cakey. The best part is that it is around $10. I am saving the Stila foundation for special occasions now. This stuff is great! I hear they also have a blush but I have not tried it yet. I do like cream blushes though.

IV. Johnson's Lavender & Chamomile Baby Powder-- good for preventing 'Inner Thigh Chub Rub' (if you don't know what this is, consider yourself lucky) & Sweaty Boob Syndrome (again, you are lucky if you don't have this). I HATE the way regular baby powder smells but this is nice stuff.

V. Stila Smudge Pots-- I am always trying to create a very thick-fringed-but-natural eyelash look but have horrible times with regular eyeliner. This is in a little pot & if you get a very fine brush, you can sort of dab it in between your eyelashes & it makes them look really thick. Also it comes in plum & navy, which I appreciate. (See below.)

VI. Bourjois Coup d'Theatre Mascara-- I read in some magazine that if you have hazel eyes & use plum-colored mascara, it will make them appear greener. This is the most thickening plum mascara I can find. I am not crazy about the brush but when used with my old Voluminous brush it works nicely. It really does make my eyes look greener too, without my having some weird purple-eyelash effect. The base coat is nice as well, but again, v. skimpy brush.

VII. Origins Swept Away-- a v. gentle, minty face scrub which is good for exfoliating sensitive skin. Smells nice. You can use a small amount too so it lasts awhile.

VIII. Kiehl's Deluxe Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15-- somehow this manages to be very moisturizing & very light at the same time. Doesn't smell like old ladies (as does Oil of Olay, my other standby). I have never loved a moisturizer this much. I don't think it has any vitamins in it though. Chew a Flinstones & you'll be covered, I guess.

IX. Kiehl's Tea Tree Oil Toner-- Tea Tree Oil is BRILLIANT for sensitive, acne-prone skin. I cannot say enough about it. This toner kinda helps balance out oil without making my face hurt. Great stuff & makes your face feel cold & tingly. Goes fast, though. Sometimes I dilute it with witch hazel to make it last longer.

Anyone else have good summer product recommendations?
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2005|07:54 pm]
Hi everyone! I'm Lisa, 19 from Detroit. =) I found this community through a link that was posted on the handbag_fetish community.

1. A recommendation for the best product ever
MAc eyeshadows, pigments, and paints. They are so pigmented and sooo sooo pretty! I like to use the paints as a base on my lids and then add shadow or pigment on top of it, it really makes the colors pop.

2. Your most terrible middle school makeup look
Oh man.. dark dark dark lipstick and Wet 'n Wild powder. I used to think that I was so cool carrying my purse full of cheap makeup around to all of my classes. Hahah!!

3. Make any suggestions for additions to the interests list. (I just listed brands I like.)
Giovanni shampoos and conditioners! I especially like the Tea Tree Triple Threat shampoo and conditioner. They are all organic (no sulfates) and soo soo tingly! Love it!
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