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Summer Products [May. 25th, 2005|01:18 pm]


In winter I am always Little Ms. Dry. Basically I can't moisturize enough. In summer things get a little more complicated. I live in Texas so it is hot, & sweating occurs. I feel greasy, but then if I use stuff for greasy people, my skin starts to hurt & flake. Anyway here are some lighter (yet still moisturizing) products I have recently discovered, + a couple of other random things:

I. Whole Foods Shampoo-- this costs TWO DOLLARS & smells amazing & when combined with the conditioner on the ends of my hair keeps my scalp clean but my hair frizz-less. Thanks to trixieskips for discovering this.

II. St. Ives Fresh H20 Lotion-- I have to apply body lotion all over my body after showering, so I go through a lot of lotion & tend to favor drugstore varieties. This smells really, really clean & doesn't compete with perfume or whatever, isn't greasy, & also comes in a non-pump bottle (which I adore, because I never can get out the lotion at the bottom of the pump bottles).

III. L'oreal Cashmere Perfect Foundation-- this is creamy, comes in a tube (a prerequisite for foundation, methinks), provides pretty decent coverage, & is matte without looking cakey. The best part is that it is around $10. I am saving the Stila foundation for special occasions now. This stuff is great! I hear they also have a blush but I have not tried it yet. I do like cream blushes though.

IV. Johnson's Lavender & Chamomile Baby Powder-- good for preventing 'Inner Thigh Chub Rub' (if you don't know what this is, consider yourself lucky) & Sweaty Boob Syndrome (again, you are lucky if you don't have this). I HATE the way regular baby powder smells but this is nice stuff.

V. Stila Smudge Pots-- I am always trying to create a very thick-fringed-but-natural eyelash look but have horrible times with regular eyeliner. This is in a little pot & if you get a very fine brush, you can sort of dab it in between your eyelashes & it makes them look really thick. Also it comes in plum & navy, which I appreciate. (See below.)

VI. Bourjois Coup d'Theatre Mascara-- I read in some magazine that if you have hazel eyes & use plum-colored mascara, it will make them appear greener. This is the most thickening plum mascara I can find. I am not crazy about the brush but when used with my old Voluminous brush it works nicely. It really does make my eyes look greener too, without my having some weird purple-eyelash effect. The base coat is nice as well, but again, v. skimpy brush.

VII. Origins Swept Away-- a v. gentle, minty face scrub which is good for exfoliating sensitive skin. Smells nice. You can use a small amount too so it lasts awhile.

VIII. Kiehl's Deluxe Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15-- somehow this manages to be very moisturizing & very light at the same time. Doesn't smell like old ladies (as does Oil of Olay, my other standby). I have never loved a moisturizer this much. I don't think it has any vitamins in it though. Chew a Flinstones & you'll be covered, I guess.

IX. Kiehl's Tea Tree Oil Toner-- Tea Tree Oil is BRILLIANT for sensitive, acne-prone skin. I cannot say enough about it. This toner kinda helps balance out oil without making my face hurt. Great stuff & makes your face feel cold & tingly. Goes fast, though. Sometimes I dilute it with witch hazel to make it last longer.

Anyone else have good summer product recommendations?

[User Picture]From: melcore
2005-05-25 07:09 pm (UTC)

i am a sucker for lotion

is the st. ives lotion you listed thicker than most st. ives lotions? i've found that st. ives lotions are too watery for my tastes. they just make my skin feel dry again after i use it.

i'm a big fan of jergens' lotions. the shaving lotion actually DOES keep your leg hair from growing back as quickly, and i forget the name of the other jergens' lotion i'm using right now (age-defying, i think?), but i like it as well. it doesn't make me smell all gross and perfume-y, so that's a plus.

ps - any suggestions for keeping your hands soft? i've found that in the summer my hands get really dry and my skin feels all gross and tight.
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[User Picture]From: bollix
2005-05-25 07:14 pm (UTC)

Re: i am a sucker for lotion

Neutrogena Hand Cream-- but be sure to buy the unscented (the scented smells AWFUL) & only use a tiny bit.

I can't use the St. Ives in the winter, but in the summer it's perfect. In winter I use Alba Very Emollient. They have this in bulk at Whole Foods & you can get a bottle of it for about $5. (It is $12 for a non-bulk bottle at Central Market! But it's wonderful stuff.)

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[User Picture]From: intimations
2005-05-25 07:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you thank you THANK you for the tip on the foundation. After a long day at the beach I now have a tan, and was despairing of having to drop another $50-some on my usual foundation.
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